Installation Method of Rolling Shutter Door Motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1. When installing the motor of the rolling shutter door, the locking screw of the limit mechanism should be loosened before the machine is tested.
2. When installing the motor of the rolling shutter door, then use the hand zipper to make the shutter door about 1 meter off the ground.
3. When installing the curtain door motor, first test the "up", "stop" and "down" buttons: observe whether the functions of the curtain lift, stop and fall are sensitive and reliable: if normal, the curtain can be raised or lowered to the position you determine;
4. Back-swing limit screw: adjust to touch the micro-switch roller: tighten the locking screw after hearing the "drip-up" sound;
5. Repeated debugging: when the limit reaches the optimum position, the locking screw should be tightened horizontally with the finger, and the curtain reel should be concentric, horizontally, and the curtain has no sticking phenomenon.
6. Adjust the sag of chain for 6-10 mm (before the door curtain is not hanging on the rotating shaft).
7. The section of the external power supply wire of the door-rolling machine is not less than 1 mm.
8. Opening and closing of electric rolling gate motor only need to operate switch button: the rolling gate will stop itself when it is in place.
9. If you want to stay in the middle, you can operate the stop button when the door rises or falls.
10. Electric curtain door has another advantage in the case of power failure: it can also operate a manual mechanism, hand-pulled ring chain, the curtain door slowly rises and stops pulling when it is in place;
11. Do not exceed the original limit height to avoid overblocking damage to the limit switch.
12. Lightly pull the self-weight tie rod: the door slides at a constant speed: when approaching closure, the self-weight tie rod should be loosened and then pulled once to reach full closure.