Zhangzhou Weizhi Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd. are one professional of rolling door motor anufacturer in Zhangzhou city. We are producing and selling rolling door motor, tubular motor, curtain motor and related control system and accessories.
    Our main products are rolling door motor (AC300kg to AC2000kg, DC300kg to DC1000kg).
    Our company adheres to the concept of "safety, quality, professionalism, service". In terms of safety, strict operational specifications are formulated; In terms of quality, inspection and control begins with raw materials entering the factory. Before the packaging, each finished product must undergo rigorous testing to prevent problematic products from entering the market; In terms of professionalism,there is a fixed Skilled employees, all positions must be strictly trained; In terms of service, we have many years of domestic and export production and sales experience, in the interest of customers, pay attention to every detail, 24 hours of uninterrupted service.
    Integrity wins the world,the electric roller door machine produced by our company has been exported to more than 30 countries around the world. Welcome interested customers to promote our company's brand, but also for the majority of customers OEM.
    Incerely welcome calls to negotiate, thank you!