Working Principle of Electric Curtain Door Motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1. Electric shutter door motor working principle Electric shutter door is mainly composed of door body, driver and control system. The door body is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy profiles. It is articulated by the principle of parallelogram. It has flexible expansion and large travel. The driver is driven by a special motor, the worm and worm gears are decelerated, and there are automatic clutches or manual clutches.
2. Curtain door motor has external motor and tubular motor, different types of motor, different models, different brands, different origins, imports or domestic standards will be different.
3. The electric rolling shutter door body is made of high-quality stainless steel and other materials. It adopts the principle of parallelogram and flexible expansion. The driver is composed of an electric shutter door opener and a door control system. The electric shutter door opener is composed of an electric motor and a reducer. It also has an automatic or manual clutch, which can be opened or closed automatically or manually when power failure occurs.
4. Automatic clutch can be automatically opened and closed when power failure occurs, manual clutch can be opened and closed when power failure occurs. The control system has control board, button switch, and wireless remote control device can be equipped according to user's needs. It can be equipped with a rolling display screen to display 500 words of display content. It can also be equipped with intelligent infrared dual-probe anti-collision device. 20-30CM can automatically return to operation when meeting people or foreign bodies, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.