Matters needing attention in the use of fire-proof rolling shutter motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1) When pressing the "up" and "down" buttons of the curtain control button, if there is no action, the power supply must be cut off immediately by pressing the "stop" button in the middle so as to avoid burning down the door rolling machine.
2) Before closing the curtain, check if there is any obstruction under the curtain, and if there is any, clean it up.
3) In the process of opening and closing fire curtain, it is forbidden to pass under the door.
4) When using hand-pulled ring chain to raise curtain during power outage, do not exceed the original limit height, in order to avoid overgearing and out of control, and avoid motor running overhead.
5) Close the curtain when the power is cut off, and then gently hook the curtain to make the curtain surface descend at a uniform speed. Please note that when the curtain is close to full closure, the hook should be relaxed immediately, and then pulled again to achieve full closure.
6) The door-rolling machine used for matching fire-proof doors is equipped with a control box, which must be managed by a special person and tested regularly.