Requirements for Selection and Purchase of Fire-proof Rolling Curtain Door Motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1. The brake components of fire-proof rolling door motor should work reliably. When the rolling door motor is stationary and the braking force is not less than 1.5 times the rated output torque, the brake sliding displacement is less than 20 mm.
2. Fire-proof door rolling machine should have manual operation function. Manual operation parts should be flexible and reliable. When opening and closing fire-proof door, no sliding impact should occur.
3. Electric fire-proof door rolling machine should have the function of electric opening and closing. The transmission part should run smoothly during electric operation, and there should be no stuck, vibration and abnormal sound.
4. The motor of fire-proof rolling shutter door should have the function of relying on the weight drop of fire-proof rolling shutter door. The brake release arm force should be less than 70N and the self-weight drop torque should be less than 10N.m.
5. Fire-proof door rolling machine should be equipped with automatic limit device. Limiting parts should run smoothly, install accurately, and adjust within a certain range, so that the fire curtain can stop automatically when it opens and closes to the upper limit, the middle limit and the lower limit, and its repeated positioning error is not more than 20 mm.