Installation steps of rolling shutter motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1. Use method of fire-proof rolling shutter door with door: We shall not install ventilation pipe and water pipe on the upper part of the hole where the rolling shutter door is installed; the power supply line (three-phase five-wire and fire control signal line) is laid by the user to the electric control box beside the rolling shutter;
2. Install the motor of the rolling shutter door. After the rolling shutter door is installed, we install the ceiling. The edge of the ceiling should be 50 mm away from the curtain board to avoid friction. When debugging and using, it is strictly forbidden to have two people at the bottom. Electrical facilities shall not be dismantled without authorization.
3. Install the motor of the rolling shutter door. According to the fire control management regulations, the rolling shutter door is a special facility for fire protection. We must not use it for other purposes. No articles should be piled up under the rolling shutter directly;? 0? 26. After installation and commissioning, it should be started quarterly, and the electrical and mechanical properties should be checked to ensure safety during inspection.
4. Installation of rolling shutter motor, the basic conditions for use: Fire-proof rolling shutter door is a fire-fighting special facility, and may not be used for other purposes. After the installation of the fire-proof roll curtain is completed, the Shenyang stacking door can be put into use only after the stroke adjustment and other parts are correct. Before opening and closing, check if there are any obstacles hindering the operation of the curtain before starting and closing. For example, abnormal sound response stops immediately during operation.