Installation Method of Fast Curtain Door Motor

Published in:2019-8-15

1. Determine the installation position of the guide rail on both sides of the fire-proof rolling curtain door, release the reference line of the guide rail with the hammer wire, release the cross line of the fixed bolt of the guide rail connector, and the guide rail exceeds the ceiling not less than 75 cm.
2. Fixed expansion bolt holes are drilled on the wall column with percussion drill. The spacing of the joints shall not be greater than 600 mm and the distance between the two ends of the joints shall be 100 mm from the guide rail. Fixed up and down several connectors first, then affixed the guide rail, corrected its verticality and spot welding, fixed the guide and then repeated the verticality of the guide rail, not more than 5 mm per meter, not more than 20 mm in full length, composite curtain embedded in the depth of the guide rail (see GBl4102-2005).
3. Install the other connectors. Spot welding is used between the connectors and the guide rail. There are not less than 5 spot welding points between each connector and the guide rail, and the width of spot welding is not less than 5 mm. No wearing phenomenon should occur at the welded joint. When stainless steel guide is used, stainless steel electrode is used.
4. According to the design center height of the scroll in the large sample drawing, the center position of the active supporting plate is determined on the column or wall, and the center cross line of the expansion bolt is released.
5. Based on the center of the main supporting plate, find out the cross line of the center of the driven supporting plate and the hole of the driven expansion bolt with the horizontal plastic pipe.
6. Drilling: Drilling expansion holes with percussion drill requires that the bit be perpendicular to the cylindrical surface. If individual screw holes touch steel bars, they can be properly moved without drilling, but they can not affect the firmness and appearance.